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GetAFollower Review GetAFollower Review
December 26, 2019

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GetAFollower Review

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GetAFollower Review: In a Nutshell

We set out to determine whether GetAFollower has what it takes to compete with the biggest and best social sellers currently in business. We submitted an order for 1,000 LinkedIn Followers and 1,000 LinkedIn Connections, evaluating their service provision and product quality along the way.

To our surprise, we couldn’t have been more impressed with everything GetAFollower brought to the table. In terms of customer support, authentic social proof and value for money, they hit the nail on the head with everything that matters. They also back purchases with a full money-back guarantee – one of the few we’ve come across to date.

GetAFollower Review: In Depth

About GetAFollower

Owned and operated by a team of web marketers from the United States, GetAFollower has been in business for approximately six years. Specialising in the provision of social proof for a variety of popular platforms, they’ve earned solid reviews and recommendations from thousands of customers worldwide.

Claiming to provide authentic social proof across all channels, GetAFollower covers every sale with a retention guarantee and a satisfaction guarantee. They also have a strong commitment to customer support, operating a convenient Live-Chat facility for the fastest possible response times. All in all, GetAFollower seems to have done a pretty solid job simplifying the process of buying effective social proof for platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Service Plans

At the time of our review, GetAFollower was offering a variety of products and packages for LinkedIn, which included Followers, Connections, Endorsements, Employees and many more besides. They also offer regional social proof from a number of key nations worldwide.

Terms and Guarantees

We strongly recommend comprehensively consulting all terms and conditions set out by the social seller, before going ahead and making a purchase. In the case of GetAFollower, we evaluated all terms and conditions published, for which you’ll find a basic breakdown below:

Terms and Conditions

  • GetAFollower has a simple and fair Terms of Service document.
  • They reserve the right to refuse their services where fraudulent activity is detected.

Privacy Policy

  • The company has a standard Privacy Policy
  • The personal information of customers is kept strictly confidential and is never sold or distributed for marketing purposes.

Refund Policy

  • GetAFollower offers a 30-day refund period on all products and services.
  • They offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee if orders are not completed on time.

Retention Policy

  • GetAFollower offers a 180-day Retention Warranty across all services.


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Customer Support

We found it quick and easy to get in touch with the GetAFollower at all times, using the Live-Chat facility on the ‘Contact’ page. They also have an e-mail communication service in place, though response times aren’t quite as quick.

Pre-Order Questions and Responses

We find it useful to ask a series of relatively standard questions, to gauge the knowledge and general professionalism of the service providers we review. In the case of GetAFollower, we submitted the following questions during a Live-Chat discussion and were provided with these answers respectively:

Our Questions

How long will the Followers and Connections take to arrive?

We always do our best to complete orders within the first 48 hours where possible.

What if they don't show up during this time?

If you’re not happy with the speed of the rollout, we’ll give you your money back – just let us know.

Are they going to be delivered all at once, or spread out?

We always deliver LinkedIn Followers and Connections gradually to keep things looking natural.

Can I see the types of Followers and Connections you provide?

Sadly not, as we’re bound by our privacy policy not to show any Connections followers we’ve provided for our customers.

Is anyone going to know that I bought Connections or Followers?

All the LinkedIn Connections and Followers we provide will be 100% undetectable from the real thing, so nobody will know you bought them.

Are the new Followers going to interact with my account?

No. They’ll boost your image and credibility by increasing the numbers, but won’t interact or engage with your account.

What if I lose the Connections or Followers you supply?

We provide a 180-day retention guarantee, during which all lost Followers and Connections will replace for free.

What if my account gets blocked or banned?

It’s never happened in the history of our company. You’ll only be at risk if you use fake and fraudulent Connections and Followers – ours are 100% authentic.

Post-Order Questions and Responses

It’s also important to see what kind of aftercare is provided, just in case you have any questions or concerns at a later time. In the case of GetAFollower, we sent over our usual list of problem a couple of weeks after completion of our order, which once again was answered professionally and promptly by the customer support team:

Our Questions

What if any of my Connections or Followers drop?

You’re covered for 180-days as part of our retention guarantee, although it’s rare to lose Followers or Connections on LinkedIn anyway.

What if LinkedIn removes my Connections or Followers?

This can only happen if you try to get away with fake and fraudulent Connections and Followers. We from authentic and active accounts, so it isn’t going to happen.

Can I get a discount on a repeat order?

No problem, just let us know what kind of order you’re planning to place, and we will email a coupon code to the address provided. The more you order, the bigger the discount.

What other services would you recommend?

You can combine as many of our services you like into one custom package if looking to make the most of our products. Just get in touch to let us know what you need, and we’ll put something together for you.

Order Recommendations

Our experience with GetAFollower would seem to suggest that their services are perfect for personal LinkedIn users and businesses alike. All of the products we checked out were an affordable price, the customer support provided was first-rate, and the authenticity of the Connections and Followers we bought was impressive, to say the least.

Daily Turnaround Time

It stated on the GetAFollower website that orders are to be completed within 72 hours. Our request for 1,000 LinkedIn Connections and 1,000 LinkedIn Followers was delivered in full in less than two days, though the delivery process began 30 minutes after we placed our order! They also over-delivered in both instances, providing us with 1,066 LinkedIn Followers and 1,031 LinkedIn Connections. Suffice to say; it’s always nice to get a little something extra for free!

Quality of LinkedIn Connections and Followers

As touched upon above, we took the time to evaluate the quality and authenticity of the LinkedIn Followers and Connections we were provided with. It’s important not to take these kinds of things for granted if looking to safeguard your credibility and reputation. In the case of GetAFollower, every connection and follower we are provided with had a complete bio with profile picture, evidence of recent activity and plenty of Followers/Connections of their own.

Retention Rate

We’ve lost a handful of Connections and Followers since we bought them, but we’re still nowhere near dropping below the 1,000 we ordered in either instance. Even if we did, we’d still be covered by the 180-day retention guarantee as we’re only eight weeks in!


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When it comes to the things that really matter, GetAFollower passed our tests with flying colors. We’d seen and heard their reputation elsewhere, but we’re never happy until we’ve experienced things first-hand. In the case of GetAFollower, everything from authenticity to customer service to value for money was genuinely impressive.

These days, anyone looking to buy social proof to enhance their LinkedIn Company profile would be wise to do so carefully and strategically. Given the quality of the products and the service provided by GetAFollower, we’ve no hesitation in recommending them to private LinkedIn users and businesses alike.


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