Pros And Cons Of Buying LinkedIn Followers

The key to successful marketing lies in two things – strategy and diversification. Particularly when it comes to digital marketing, it’s important to experiment with as many channels and platforms as possible, to see which delivers the strongest results for your business.

Unsurprisingly, more businesses than ever before are focusing their efforts on LinkedIn. The problem being that with hundreds of millions of competing company profiles from all over the world, standing out from the crowd and making your voice heard can be challenging. Hence, the reason why businesses worldwide now routinely buy LinkedIn Followers, to boost their credibility and visibility on the platform.

Still, it goes without saying that buying any social proof has its inherent advantages and disadvantages. So if looking to buy LinkedIn Followers to improve your profile’s performance, we’d strongly recommend considering the following first:


Advantages of Buying LinkedIn Followers

  • Essential Social Proof

    These days, social proof is less a welcome addition to a LinkedIn company profile and more a mandatory contributor to your company’s success. You cannot and will not appeal to the masses these days without plenty of social proof to back your claims to fame. When it comes to LinkedIn Followers, in particular, it’s hard not to be impressed when you come across an individual or a business with a strong and established audience.

    By contrast, profiles with few or no Followers whatsoever don’t tend to have the same sort of impact. In order to become successful on LinkedIn, you need to show others that you are already successful. Something that’s impossible to achieve, in the absence of social proof.

  • The Bandwagon Effect

    Buying LinkedIn Followers can also be a great way of kickstarting the ‘bandwagon’ effect. Or to put it another way, the LinkedIn user is far more likely to follow your company profile if they see that hundreds or even thousands are already doing so. It’s a classic case of leading by example – inspiring others to follow the herd.

    Once again, things tend to work the exact opposite way if you don’t have an established audience of Followers. You’re unlikely to inspire newcomers to follow your profile with few or no existing Followers.

  • An Affordable Investment

    When compared to the vast majority of social media marketing strategies, buying Followers on LinkedIn can be comprehensively affordable. Not only this but an investment in social proof, in general, has the potential to deliver an unbeatable ROI.

    One of the best things about buying LinkedIn Followers being the potential for smaller and newer businesses to level the playing field. Rather than being continuously outperformed by more powerful businesses with bigger marketing budgets, social proof provides every opportunity to emerge as a leader in your field.

  • Immediate Impact

    There’s also the benefit of not having to wait around weeks or months on end for something to happen. The moment your new Followers are added to your account is the moment they begin enhancing your profile’s credibility and visibility. This can be particularly useful when looking to start a new LinkedIn Company profile from scratch, getting things off to the strongest possible start.

    In most instances, social proof is delivered in a matter of hours after being ordered. So even if your profile is performing poorly today, you could be looking at an entirely different picture this time tomorrow.

  • Everyone’s at it!

    Perhaps not everyone, but more businesses than ever before are buying social proof to boost their LinkedIn profiles. Not just businesses, but also celebrities, politicians, musicians and so on. It’s no longer a rare strategy and nor is it considered ‘cheating’ by those in the know. It’s simply a way of taking things into your own hands and giving yourself every opportunity to make your voice heard.

    It’s a classic case of the “if you can’t beat them, join them” methodology at work. Even if you don’t buy LinkedIn Followers and social proof in general, chances are your competitors are already at it!

Disadvantages of Buying LinkedIn Followers

  • Most Are Not Real

    It’s important not to overlook the issue of authenticity. The problem is that the vast majority of social sellers in business today sell nothing but fake and fraudulent Followers from inactive LinkedIn accounts. They’ll boost the numbers on your profile, but sadly it’s far too easy to spot fake Followers from a mile away.

    If your target audience sees you’ve bought spammy Followers, your reputation and credibility will take a hit. If LinkedIn sees what you’re up to, it could be game over. As such, you need to ensure you exclusively by 100% real and authentic Followers from established, recommended and reputable social sellers. Anything else could land you in a world of trouble.

  • No Engagement or Interaction

    When you buy Followers on LinkedIn, you do so to capitalize on the psychological power of social proof. As such, the Followers you buy will not in any way engage or interact with your account. They’ll remain silent and dormant in the background, rather than actively engaging with your brand.

    On the plus side, larger audiences can be highly effective in motivating others to engage and interact with both your content and your company profile. So even if the Followers you buy sit silently in the background, they can still have an immensely positive impact.

  • Potential Security Risk

    Under no circumstances should you hand your login credentials or passwords of any kind over to a social seller. Every example of social proof currently available can and should be provided 100% off-site – direct access to your account never being required. If you make the mistake of handing over your login credentials, you face an extremely severe security risk.

    This is one of the red-flag warning signs to be on the lookout for when choosing a social seller. If the whole thing doesn’t take place 100% off-site, don’t even think about entrusting them with your business.

  • Scam Artists

    Unsurprisingly, this is also a corner of the industry that’s rife with scams and generally dodgy dealings. Make the mistake of working with a substandard service provider, and they could make off with your cash and disappear without a trace. Or worse still, provide you with the kind of spammy social proof that could cause irreparable damage to your company profile.

    Once again, therefore, the importance of sticking exclusively with established and responsible service providers cannot be overstated. Check out our own independent listings to see what makes the grade with our top-rated and recommended social specialists.

    Always remember that even if it means paying slightly more, cutting corners on something as important as your professional profile is never a wise move.