FAQ about buying LinkedIn Followers

Got a question to ask about buying LinkedIn Followers? Read on for an overview of some of the most frequently asked questions and their respective answers:

General Questions

Why Buy LinkedIn Followers?

LinkedIn Followers have the potential to bring countless benefits to any company profile. An established audience builds not only a sense of credibility but also greater visibility and an image of authority on the platform. The more LinkedIn Followers you have, the better. As it can be difficult (or even impossible) in some instances to begin building a strong audience organically, it simply makes sense to buy LinkedIn Followers to set the wheels in motion. What’s more, it’s becoming a surprisingly common tactic among small and large businesses worldwide. If you plan to remain competitive, you need to take matters into your own hands.

Is it Safe to Buy LinkedIn Followers?

Safety or otherwise depends entirely on the service provider you work with. If you buy the lowest-quality Followers from fake and fraudulent accounts, you put your company profile and professional image in jeopardy. By contrast, buy authentic and verified LinkedIn Followers from active accounts worldwide and it’s an entirely different story. The idea being that with the highest-quality LinkedIn Followers, it’s impossible for them to detect by other LinkedIn users.

Will My Account be Suspended or Closed?

Your account will only be suspended or closed if it becomes apparent you’ve used fake and spammy social proof in an attempt to boost your performance. This is again why it is of the utmost importance to focus on quality and authenticity. The exciting thing is that if you buy the very best Followers on the market from authentic and active accounts, you aren't breaking any of the terms and conditions set out by LinkedIn. Hence, your account will not be suspended or closed.

What’s the Difference Between Real and Fake Followers?

Most social sellers use automated bots and computer algorithms to open thousands of wholly hollow and fraudulent accounts, from which they then provide social proof such as Followers. The problem is that you only need to click on the respective follower once to immediately see it’s as fake as it gets. By contrast, real Followers are those that are sourced exclusively from verified and active accounts, which feature full bios, profile pictures, evidence of activity, Followers of their own and so on. If looking to stay safe, you need to stick with the latter and avoid fake Followers at all costs.

Will the Followers I Buy Interact with My Account?

In most instances, no. Buying Followers on LinkedIn is an effective way of capitalizing on the psychological power of social proof. When other LinkedIn users see that you have an established audience, they automatically have a higher opinion of your business and whatever it is you do. The Followers you buy are simply about increasing the numbers to boost your credibility, visibility, and authority. They will not actively engage or interact with your brand or your content at any time.

Does it Actually Work?

Get it right, and the answer is yes! Used strategically, social proof has the potential to be more powerful than just about any conventional approach to digital marketing. It’s a method that effectively uses the approval and verification of others to sell yourself and your business to your target audience. There’s a simple reason why large and small businesses worldwide now buy LinkedIn Followers and other types of social proof on a regular basis it works!

How Long Does it Take?

The delivery process will vary somewhat from one service provided to the next. However, it’s rare for the delivery of LinkedIn Followers to take more than around three days to complete. In most instances, the new Followers should begin arriving within a matter of hours, having an immediate impact on your profile’s appearance and performance.

How Many Followers Should I Buy?

That’s entirely up to you, but more is definitely better. Some prefer to test things out initially by buying a few LinkedIn Followers, before stepping things up to a much bigger shipment once satisfied with how it all works. In addition, it’s also a good idea to balance out your LinkedIn Followers with other types of social proof. From Comments to Shares to Recommendations to Endorsement to Employees, there’s a whole world of options to explore for the benefit of your business.

What Are Targeted LinkedIn Followers?

In some instances, you may have the option of buying targeted LinkedIn Followers from a variety of countries worldwide. The targeted social proof is basically social proof that has been sourced specifically from one international market or another. In a working example, if you were looking to appeal to UK audiences, it can be uniquely beneficial to buy UK LinkedIn Followers, Endorsements, Comments and so on. So it’s always worth asking your chosen service provider if targeted LinkedIn Followers are available.

Will the Followers I Buy Stay with My Account Permanently?

The LinkedIn Followers you buy will usually stay with you for the lifetime of the respective account. If the follower’s account is closed for any reason, they’ll naturally stop following your account as a result. Some of the better social specialists cover dropped Followers with retention guarantees, which vary from a couple of weeks right up to several months.

Isn’t it Cheating?

In a word, no. Social proof simply provides businesses at all levels with the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and make their voices heard. It is still entirely down to the business itself to do whatever it takes to become successful. Buying social proof represents a marketing strategy like any other, which is all about sending the right messages to the right people at the right time. Critics may suggest buying social proof is cheating, but in reality, it really is nothing of the sort.