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Buy Real Media Review Buy Real Media Review
December 26, 2019

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Buy Real Media Review

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Buy Real Media Review: In a Nutshell

LinkedIn is the world’s most popular, powerful and influential social network for professionals. A unique global platform, which brings ambitious businesses and individuals together in the pursuit of shared goals. The problem being that with hundreds of millions of users worldwide, making your voice heard on LinkedIn is never easy.

Which is precisely why promotional services like Buy Real Media exist. Selling a variety of social signals for platforms like LinkedIn, these guys claim to hold the key to gaining a competitive edge. Having put them to the test, we can absolutely vouch for their capabilities and the quality of their products. Buy Real Media exceeded our expectations at every opportunity and did so at a surprisingly low price.

Buy Real Media Review: In Depth

About Buy Real Media

The Buy Real Media website itself appeared in mid-2018, joining a growing arsenal of social sellers from all over the world. Initially sceptical, we decided to check them out on the recommendation of one of our readers. Carrying out the usual homework, we discovered that Buy Real Media started out as a small local business in the United States, before quickly expanding its reach worldwide. Three guys run the show behind the scenes, who together have collective social media marketing experience spanning more than 10 years.

To see how they performed when put to the test, we placed an order for 1,000 LinkedIn Followers and 500 LinkedIn Connections. We were particularly interested in the authenticity of their products, which according to the Buy Real Media website is a top priority for the firm. Three months down the line, we’re still more than satisfied with our experience with Buy Real Media from start to finish.

Service Plans

LinkedIn promotional services are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including LinkedIn Employees, LinkedIn Connections, LinkedIn Endorsements, LinkedIn Followers and so on. Products can also be combined into one custom package, if looking to place an order for multiple services at the same time. Buy Real Media also provides social signals for at least a dozen other social networks – hundreds of options in total to suit all budgets.

Terms and Guarantees

The importance of researching a seller’s terms and conditions before placing an order cannot be overstated. It’s worth remembering that by making a purchase, you automatically consent to all terms and conditions laid out by the seller. If you don’t bother reading them, you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. Over at Buy Real Media, the terms and conditions published on the website are simple, straightforward and easy to understand.

Terms and Conditions

  • Buy Real Media outlines relatively simple rules with regard to how its website or services may and may not be used.
  • None of the services provided at Buy Real Media can be used for unethical or fraudulent purposes.
  • Only the owner of the social media account or an individual with valid authorisation may order and use Buy Real Media’s services.

Privacy Policy

  • The company enforces every realistic measure to ensure that customers’ private data and personal information are safeguarded.
  • Buy Real Media does not engage in the distribution or selling of private data for promotional purposes.

Refund Policy

  • A satisfaction guarantee is attached to every sale, which applies when the social signals ordered are not delivered as promised within the agreed period of time.
  • Buy Real Media has the right to alter the terms of its refund policy at any time, or refuse refunds at its discretion.

Retention Policy

  • All sales are also backed by an extensive 180-day retention warranty, meaning that any products/signals that disappear during this time are replaced for free.


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Customer Support

We also cannot overstate the importance of establishing the quality (or otherwise) of a seller’s customer support service. From start to finish, you need to know you’re working with a capable and committed specialist – one with the highest regard for customer satisfaction. As always, we fired a series of simple yet important questions at Buy Real Media, in order to gauge their responses.

Pre-Order Questions and Responses

The specific questions we asked and the answers we were provided with are outlined below:

Our Questions

How long before my new LinkedIn Followers arrive?

It depends how many you order, but the first Followers should start arriving within a couple of hours. We’ll complete your order in full in around 72 hours max.

What if nothing happens during this time?

It will, but we offer a full money-back guarantee if we don’t manage to complete the delivery process as promised. Contact us if you encounter any problems.

Will you need my LinkedIn password?

Definitely not. It’s never a good idea to hand out your social media passwords – our services all happen off-site so we won’t need any of your details.

Can I request a free sample?

It’s not possible at this time, sorry.

Will it be obvious I bought LinkedIn Followers and Connections?

No, we use a tried and trusted system to provide social signals on LinkedIn that are completely undetectable from the real thing.

What makes your LinkedIn Followers and Connections different?

We exclusively provide Followers and Connections that come from unique and active LinkedIn accounts. This means that even if anyone chooses to investigate them, they’ll see nothing but an authentic and credible Follower or Connection.

Can LinkedIn close my account?

Absolutely not. None of our services breach the terms and conditions set out by LinkedIn. We’ve worked with thousands of customers and never encountered any problems with penalties, suspensions or account closures.

Post-Order Questions and Responses

Putting the aftercare service provided by Buy Real Media to the test, we sent them a handful of additional questions after our order had been delivered. The specifics of which are outlined below:

Our Questions

What if I start losing Followers?

It’s possible a few may drop from time to time, but any you lose during the first 180 days will be replaced free of charge. The same also goes for the Connections you buy.

Will the Followers I bought interact with my account?

Unlikely – they’re simply there to enhance your perceived popularity and position on the platform. It’s unlikely they will interact or communicate with you.

Isn’t it dangerous to buy LinkedIn Followers and Connections?

It depends where you buy them from and whether or not they’re authentic. We’ve always prioritise authenticity and safety, so you’re safe with us.

What other LinkedIn services would you recommend?

LinkedIn Employees can be good for creating the impression of an established and successful business. LinkedIn Recommendations are also particularly good for jobseekers.

Do you offer discounts on repeat orders?

Always! Decide what you want to buy next and let us know, so we can send you a coupon code by e-mail.

Order Recommendations

We share the sentiments of Buy Real Media when they talk about the importance of authenticity on platforms like LinkedIn. After all, you’re putting your reputation and credibility on the line with every Follower or Connection you buy. Having put their LinkedIn Followers and Connections to the test, we can only assume their LinkedIn Employees, Recommendations and other services are equally up to scratch. Highly recommended for newcomers to LinkedIn, established professionals and businesses of all sizes.

Daily Turnaround Time

As mentioned earlier, Buy Real Media said we’d begin seeing movement within a couple of hours. Which turned out to be the case – a steady stream of Followers and Connections beginning less than 2 hours after we placed our order. We timed the rest of the delivery process, which took just over 40 hours to complete – well within the specified 72-hour deadline. Upon completion, Buy Real Media had added 1,013 new Followers and 505 new Connections to our LinkedIn account.

Quality of LinkedIn Followers and Connections

As for authenticity, this was the single most impressive aspect of the entire experience. We carefully assessed dozens of the Connections and Followers Buy Real Media added to our account – all of which were as credible and believable as it gets. If they’re not the real-deal, they’re the closest approximations we’ve seen so far – very impressive!

Retention Rate

We’ve lost no more than a handful of Connections and Followers since our order was delivered, so we haven’t needed to invoke Buy Real Media’s retention warranty. Nevertheless, it’s good to know that it’s there for the first 180 days, just in case.


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Roughly summarised, Buy Real Media almost immediately transformed our initial scepticism into complete confidence and total satisfaction. The catalogue of promotional products available is enormous, prices are fair given their quality and the authenticity of the Connections and Followers provided was superb.

We’ve also nothing but good things to say about the simplicity of the transaction, or the customer support provided before and after our order. For anyone interested in social signals for LinkedIn, Buy Real Media is right up there with the current market leaders.


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